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About the game

The Last Defense is a Classical, Tower Defense game that falls under the category Story-rich!

The main character is king Severin, the king of Murgaz.

King Severin is standing in great danger, as his kingdom is the last surviving kingdom from all five in this world. All mages that used to fight each other are now fighting under his command.

Using their abilities the King has to push back the horde of corrupted creatures,  invading their world. All thanks to a Necromancer named Zuldtan.


Five Hundred years ago, there was a war between the nations of this world. All nations were enraged with each other and had built their defenses from others.

The people from Barestorm have the ability to move air as they wish.

They raised their kingdom high in the sky and surrounded it by thick fog, so no one can ever harm them. As time passed the kingdom of Barestorm became a myth, then a legend.

Every scavenger and searching party that tried to search for this forgotten land never came back home. The ones that didn't have the courage to go in the fog say that the air there is so dense that it hurts when you breathe.

The Kingdom of Wildspire was now surrounded by a large forest.

Earth mages went deep into the woods and some say that they learned to shapeshift themselves into Beasts, but no one ever saw them do. The legends say that in their woods, even the trees are dangerous. Green and full of life, the woods surrounding Wildspire is the worst place to get lost.

People of Icecrest had the ability to freeze everything. They ran to the deep North and built a wall of ice that was so tall that no one could climb.

The Weather there is freezing cold, a temperature that not many people can survive on.

Murgaz was the only thing that kept them from not destroying each other.

We were not fighting in the war, but all nations sent their wounded warriors to us, so we can heal them.

Our priests can control the holy power that is one of the most valuable powers, because it can heal everything, sicknesses, and wounds. That's why Murgaz is a neutral space for mages from all nations.

The mages from Drardan were the most powerful mages of all. They can control and create fire. Mostly nothing good comes when you play with fire. Many people burned under the scourge of Drardan.

The Priests from the Middle kingdom had made a spell that surrounds the Drardan.

From then on fire mages whose hearts are not pure and intentions are not clean, could not pass the barrier. They tried everything.

With the Fire kingdom calming down, the war calmed too.

A powerful mage named Jabar, right hand of Darius the Fire King. Was assigned the task to find a way to break the barrier, he studied all the ancient books in the library. There seemed to be only one thing that he thought could break the barrier. Necromancy! Necromancy is dark magic forbidden by ancient mages.

All mages that tried to learn it was murdered brutally by their own. They all knew that if someone uses dark magic, the whole world will suffer the consequences.

Legend has it that a long time ago, there was a sorcerer who acquired Necromancy and managed to flee before being killed.

Zuldtan was his name.

Some believe he opened a portal to another realm, which nearly killed him, trapping him inside.

Jabar became infatuated with the book and gathered people from Drardan to look for the necessary ingredients to recreate the gateway and bring the Zuldtan back to shatter the barrier.

He did! Now YOU have to protect it!

The Plan

The Plans are - Three Games, Three different genres for each, One Large Story! Last thing, a book.

The Last Defense

 Tower Defense / Story-rich (PC)


Action / Adventure / Story-rich (PC / Console)

ThugGames - Indie studio
Working on "The Last Defense"
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